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[Photo Wedding is LOVE]
Have a memorable photo wedding in Okinawa ♡
and at a reasonable price!
We have prepared an all-in-one plan for
costumes/beauty/photography/location application!
The plan includes [No additional charges! ]
Beach location, wedding scene, studio,
Japanese clothing, Ryukyu clothing
With Kids & Friends
and! We have a wide variety of plans called
"One of a kind photo wedding in the world"
surely! You can find a plan
that will make your dreams come true ♡


in video


Location Type

the reason Why choose Chiyoda Bridal House

Support for Okinawa resort weddings!
Leave it to Chiyoda Bridal House!

Chiyoda Bridal House is a photo studio that has been looking after couples in Okinawa for many years since its establishment over half a century ago.
Please let us help you with "Nibichi = Celebration Day" in Okinawa ! As a local company that knows everything about Okinawa, we will provide hospitality with the heart of Yuimaru ♡

We asked the bride, groom, and guests who got married at Chiyoda Bridal House!
of couples are very satisfied

I'm glad we had our wedding at
Chiyoda Bridal House.


*In-house survey research

THE REASON01 Quality

Photos that look like
scenes from a movie
taken by professionals

If you have the chance, you want to keep your photos of Okinawa beautiful!
n addition to still images, we also utilize 4K drones to guarantee the
"quality of photos and videos"
that is different from other companies.

THE REASON02 Costume

Okinawa's largest !
1000 costume points !

At Chiyoda Bridal House, we have one of the largest costumes in Okinawa,
including a wide variety of wedding dresses, including the latest brands and one-of-a-kind imported dresses,
as well as traditional white, brightly colored, and Ryusou costumes unique to Okinawa.
It's a store. There are over 1000 pieces!
You can find your own "destined dress".

*For this campaign only, Chiyoda Bridal House will cover the cost of the costumes in full!

THE REASON03 Total Produce

Total production

In addition to wedding ceremonies and receptions,
we provide a wide range of services including costumes,
hair and makeup, photo weddings, and special items.
We also provide information regarding accommodation.
It's cheaper and faster than making a reservation yourself.
Because we are a local company,
we can provide total support for weddings in Okinawa!


Experienced staff

It's my first wedding in an unfamiliar place. It makes you feel anxious.
Our planners, who have experience and the ability to make suggestions,
will do their best to support you as a reliable partner.
Our staff who know everything about Okinawa will be waiting for you!
We will work with you to help you create a one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony.

THE REASON05 Support


“Anytime” “Feel free” “Reliably”
In order to be able to respond to By phone or on LINE.
We also provide consultation.
Please feel free to contact us first.

THE REASON06 History

60 years of reliable history

Chiyoda Bridal House , which started as a photo studio, is a local company in Okinawa that boasts a 60-year history this year.
I have been watching over couples in Okinawa for many years.
Because we are a local Okinawa company, we are able to provide you with a "smooth response"!

THE REASON07 Cuisine

Consultation about dinner after photo wedding

[Okinawa] which also serves as a honeymoon Unique to local companies that you can enjoy
Please feel free to ask us about local gourmet information.
At a casual Okinawan "beach party"
From the classic barbecue,
Made with "Okinawa's seasonal ingredients"
Dishes filled with the chef's passion!
You can choose your favorite style,
You can enjoy Okinawa ♡

[Okinawa Photowedding.com]
values the concept.

Have a memorable photo wedding in Okinawa ♡
And reasonably priced!
Costume/beauty/photography/location application
We have prepared an all-in-one plan!
The plan includes [No additional charges! ]
At the "sea", "Yanbaru Forest", "Chapel", and
"Castle Ruins" on the main island of Okinawa
Beach location, wedding scene, studio,
Japanese clothing, Ryukyu clothing
With Kids & Friends
and! "One of a kind photo wedding in the world"
We have a wide variety of plans available
surely! You can find a plan that will make your dreams come true ♡




Q.Do I have to pay in advance?
A.Applies to those who have already paid.
Q.How many meetings do I need before the wedding?
A.Meetings will be held by phone, email, or LINE. Of course, it is also possible to have an on-site meeting. We will recommend the number and method of meetings depending on your circumstances.
Q.Do you have costumes for small children?
A.We have Western, Japanese, and Ryukyu clothing for both men and women.
Q.If it's hot and your makeup comes off...
A.Don't worry! We will touch up your hair, make-up, and clothes at any time.


Introduction of other plans

One of the largest studios in Okinawa

Equipped with one of the largest studios in Okinawa! Chiyoda Bridal House, which originally started as a photo studio, can make your ideal photo wedding come true!

Introduction of affiliated ceremony halls

We also introduce chapel weddings, hotel weddings, restaurant weddings, etc., so please feel free to contact us!

We [Chiyoda Bridal House]
In 1959 in Okinawa as a "photo studio"
This is a local company founded in Okinawa!

Thanks to all of you,
we have been able to help with
many weddings since our founding.

The blue sea, the white sand beach...
a huge 360 degree panoramic view.
Because Okinawa is an extraordinary space far from the city,
there are things that you can feel.
Unlike overseas resorts, there is no language barrier.
One of the charms of an Okinawa wedding is that
you can do sightseeing as well as your wedding.


I have dreams of having an Okinawa photo wedding,
but it seems difficult.”

Isn't there a lot of people who have given up
because of worries like this?
For such people, we started our business from
a photo studio to provide
Authentic costumes/In-house beauty staff/Wedding deco
Photographer/Videoman/Bridal Producer
Art design by our in-house design and image processing department
All Chiyoda staff from 14 stores in the prefecture,
including the furisode hall and children's photo studio,
will be supporting you!

【Photo Wedding is LOVE】
I want people to know more about the goodness of Okinawa.
Be more free and memorable!
Please make your photo wedding dreams come true ♡

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